Kromski Prelude Spinning Wheel


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    The Kromski Prelude is a compact spinning wheel weighing just 4kg. It is reminiscent of the antique Saxony wheels which featured a sloping bench, and will appeal to those looking for a portable wheel for historical festivals events and reenactments, it is also perfect for spinners with limited space.

    This Scotch Tension, single drive wheel incorporates a 2 bobbin built in Lazy Kate, leather bearings on the front and rear Maiden, durable brass sleeve bearings in the wheel hub, and hushed plastic bearings in the bobbins. Adding a Jumbo Flyer kit, which is available separately, allows you to spin a range of yarns from lace weight through to bulky art yarn. As the Jumbo bobbin capacity is twice that of the standard Kromski bobbin, it is possible to spin longer, continual drafts for skeins with greater yardage.

    Included with your Kromski Prelude Spinning Wheel are 3 Bobbins (120g/4.2oz capacity), Spinning Wheel Oil, and Threading Hook.

    Made from beautiful European Alder and Birch wood and left in the natural wood so that you can choose your finish. Make a statement and stain the wood any colour you like, or bring out the natural grain of the wood by applying Superior Danish Oil - the options are endless. Supplying these Kromski Spinning Wheels untreated means we are able to pass on a saving of the product cost, making them excellent value for you.

    • Wheel Diameter: 45cm (18 inches)
    • Orifice Circumference: 10mm (3/8 in)
    • Standard Whorl Ratios: 6, 10.5 and 13:1
    • Durable brass bearings on wheel hub
    • Hushed plastic bearings in bobbins
    • Single Drive with Scotch Tension
    • Single Treadle
    • On board Lazy Kate (2 bobbin capacity)
    • Total Wheel weight: 4kg (9 lbs)