Indalca PA3R - 500g


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    Indalca PA3R is a Guar Gum based thickener, with properties similar to Locust Bean Gum. It can be combined with dyes and brushed or screen printed and has good stability in both strongly acidic and strongly alkaline conditions. It is also recommended for use as a thickener for Disperse Dyes when heat transfer printing.

    Indalca PA3R can also be combined with Formasul to create a mix identical to Discharge Paste.

    Method for making 1 litre of Discharge Paste:

    1. Mix 150g Formasol to 200ml water to a smooth cream.
    2. Mix 60g Indalca PA3R into 600ml water and blend with an electric mixer to make a stock paste.
    3. Pour the prepared Formasol solution into the prepared Indalca PA3R solution and stir to combine.