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Hand Painted Silk Chiffon Scarf

Chiffon Scarf

A hand painted silk chiffon scarf using Deka Silk Paints. The scarf is made from openly woven fine silk thread creating a sheer gauze fabric. The 40 x 150cm scarf was folded in half and pinned onto a wooden silk painting frame to pull the fabric taut (see image below of a Pongee Silk scarf […]

Derwent Inktense Pencils and Inktense Blocks

Derwent Bag

The water soluble Derwent Inktense Pencils and Blocks offer the artist and textile designer exciting opportunities for experimentation. The colours can be blended together and when dissolved with water turn into permanent ink. They can be combined with other media to create a variety of stunning effects. Inktense blocks are perfect for large expressive pieces, […]

Silk Paints and their Mediums

Deka Silk Painting Mediums

Silk paints are made from insoluble dye particles suspended in water and combined with a fixative which is set by ironing the back of the painted fabric. The paint is very fluid and formulated specifically to simulate dye. The brands of silk paint available from the George Weil website include Deka Silk and Jacquard Dye-na-flow. […]

Two Colour Silk Scarf

Painted silk scarf

I was quite daunted when I first pinned my 90cm x 90cm Pongee silk scarf to the stretcher frame. I had two colours of DEKA Silk (black and lemon) and wanted to demonstrate how they could be used effectively to decorate the scarf. My simple design didn’t include having to use a gutta outliner or precise […]

Lowering the pH for Acid Dyes

Curly Wensleydale Wool

Citric Acid is a weak organic acid used as an acidifier in dyeing. It will alter the pH level of the dye bath and is an odourless alternative to white vinegar when immersion dyeing protein fibres such as silk and wool with Acid Dyes. If you are painting or printing with Acid dyes, or using […]

The Rain Stops Play with Jacquard Dye-na-flow

Dye Na Flow Sun Print

Attempt two of the Jacquard Dye-na-flow Sun Printing test was scuppered when, once again, the sun became swallowed up by rain clouds. I first discovered the technique of heliographic sun printing when Pebeo brought out their Setacolor Soleil paints and I was given the opportunity to test them with my children. This image (right) shows […]

Discharge Dyeing & Printing with Acid Dyes

Discharged Black Velvet

Fabric artists today spend as much time taking colour out as putting it in. This gives their fabrics a richness that is only obtained by putting this extra thought into the finished article. White fabric can be dyed with a wealth of dyes such as Acid, Fibre Reactive Procion MX and Deka L dyes, natural […]

Using Outliner or Gutta in Silk Painting

Gutta outliner for silk painting

The purpose of outliner or gutta resist, is to create a boundary around part of an image or pattern so that the silk paint or dye will not run beyond that boundary. Example Work The Javana outliner used in this image has been applied to the silk fabric by following the purple lines drawn with […]

Butterfly Painted on Silk

Silk Painted Butterfly

We thought you may like to see how the gutta outliner butterfly turned out. The clear outliner, which acts as a barrier, was applied by following the lines traced with the autofade pen (now the Hemline Vanishing Fabric Marker). The moisture from the outliner makes the ink from the autofade pen start to disappear. It […]