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Firing Art Clay Silver Clay

How to fire Art Clay Silver Clay

Preparation before Firing Art Clay Silver Clay Great News! Although the following still applies to Art Clay Silver Clay, the New Art Clay Silver clay formula has increased the working time of this product! See our “New Formula Art Clay Silver Clay – Tried & Tested by Joy Funnell” page to find out more! Allow […]

Making Jewellery from Millefiori Canes


with Sue Heaser This pretty jewellery is made using slices from the Millefiori flower cane and slices from the Leaf cane. Materials and Tools You will need a flower cane reduced to about 13mm diameter, a leaf cane reduced to about 13mm diameter, a slicer blade, a darning needle or needle tool, silver wire – […]

Making a Leaf Shaped Cane from Polymer Clay


with Sue Heaser A simple leaf polymer clay cane will set off your millefiori flowers to perfection. This delightful bracelet was made by threading wire through millefiori flower slices and linking them with wire that has been threaded through leaf shaped cane slices. To make a soft leaf green from bright green clay, simply add […]

Polymer Clay Millefiori Cane Flower

Millefiori blends with polymer clay

with Sue Heaser Flower canes are easy to create from polymer clay and make beautiful jewellery. You will need the following materials and tools: Polymer clay: ¼ block each of white, violet and black. Small quantity of golden yellow Roller or pasta machine Slicer blade Step 1 Make a blend using the white and violet […]

Mixed Media Modelling

Modroc Pots decorated with skeleton leaves & Jacquard Lumiere

Imagination is all you need, along with findings from around the home plus many of the materials from this web site. Newspaper and wall paper paste make excellent papier m¢ch© as does paper pulp combined with CMC (Methyl Cellulose) paste or Silk Paper Medium. This Newclay Dragon was made by 11 year old Liam Farlow […]

Victoria Sommers’ Polymer Clay Art


We’re always surprised at just how versatile polymer clay really is. Victoria Sommers very kindly sent us some photographs which illustrate this well. Glass and translucent polymer clay These decorative pots have evolved from glass jars and glasses that have been covered in a clever layer of blended polymer clay. Victoria has used a translucent […]

Braid Making, the tools


There are a number of techniques that can be used for creating braids. The simplest equipment is the tablet weaving card. Tablet Weaving Tablet weaving (or card weaving) is a method of producing braids, straps, belts, edgings and hair bands and a large range of yarns work effectively with this method. It is necessary to […]

Polymer Clay, An Overview

Rolling polymer clay into a log

Polymer clay is a highly versatile, non-toxic, modelling material that can be hardened by baking in the home oven. Once baked it is permanent and can be cut, sawn, glued, painted and more. It is sold in a wide range of colours which can be mixed together to make further colours. Most brands also produce […]

Turning a Loop in Wire for Jewellery Making

How to make a wire loop

with Sue Heaser Turning a loop neatly in the end of a piece of wire has many uses in jewellery-making. Here is what you will need: wire – the easiest thickness for beginners to use is between 22 gauge (0.7mm thick) and 18 gauge (1.2mm thick), round nose pliers, wire cutters. Turning a Loop – […]