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Polymer Clay Buttons

Pattern on polymer clay

with Sue Heaser The working possibilities of polymer clay are endless. By blending fully pigmented colours with a translucent colour it can be made to emulate semi-precious stones or it can be inlaid with coloured resin to create faux enamel. The surface can be brushed with pearlescent powders to make polymer clay ‘metal’ or it […]

How to Make Buttons out of Polymer Clay

Polymer clay buttons

with Sue Heaser Polymer Clay is a marvellous material for making your own buttons. The huge range of mixable colours means that you can create buttons to match any fabric, fibre or hand knit. Polymer clay buttons are machine washable on a normal wash at 40°C but should not be tumble dried. Do make sure, […]

Transferring Images using Liquid Polymer Clay

Liquid Polymer Clay

Translucent Liquid Sculpey is a bakeable liquid polymer medium. That means that it shares many of the same properties as solid polymer clay but has a number of characteristics that offer unique and unexpected possibilities. Find out more about Translucent Liquid Sculpey. Making a Transfer To make a transfer with Translucent Liquid Sculpey choose clear […]

Using Foil or Metal Leaf on Polymer Clay

Polymer clay decorated with foil

Using foil or metal leaf to decorate polymer clay can be very effective. They technique is surprisingly simple yet very effective. Sue Heaser’s necklace was made by rolling out a piece of black clay and laying a sheet of Lisa Pavelka Craft Foil over it. The mylar backed foil needs to be placed shiny side […]

Make a Name Plaque from a Flexible Mould


with Sue Heaser (see also pages on using Sculpey Flexible Moulds and Layering colours in Sculpey Flexible Moulds) Sculpey Alphabet moulds can be used to mould letters for childrens name plaques. These have dozens of uses such as for party name place markers or room door plaques. You can also glue them above coat pegs, […]

Using Flexible Moulds for Polymer Clay

Moulds for polymer clay

with Sue Heaser ‘Sculpey Flexible Push Molds‘ are incredibly easy to use for moulding all brands of polymer clay. The moulds are made of flexible rubber, so once you have pushed the clay into the mould, you can flex it to pop out the moulded piece. You can use the moulds for many other materials […]

Making Jewellery from Millefiori Canes


with Sue Heaser This pretty jewellery is made using slices from the Millefiori flower cane and slices from the Leaf cane. Materials and Tools You will need a flower cane reduced to about 13mm diameter, a leaf cane reduced to about 13mm diameter, a slicer blade, a darning needle or needle tool, silver wire – […]

Making a Leaf Shaped Cane from Polymer Clay


with Sue Heaser A simple leaf polymer clay cane will set off your millefiori flowers to perfection. This delightful bracelet was made by threading wire through millefiori flower slices and linking them with wire that has been threaded through leaf shaped cane slices. To make a soft leaf green from bright green clay, simply add […]

Polymer Clay Millefiori Cane Flower

Millefiori blends with polymer clay

with Sue Heaser Flower canes are easy to create from polymer clay and make beautiful jewellery. You will need the following materials and tools: Polymer clay: ¼ block each of white, violet and black. Small quantity of golden yellow Roller or pasta machine Slicer blade Step 1 Make a blend using the white and violet […]

Mixed Media Modelling

Modroc Pots decorated with skeleton leaves & Jacquard Lumiere

Imagination is all you need, along with findings from around the home plus many of the materials from this web site. Newspaper and wall paper paste make excellent papier m¢ch© as does paper pulp combined with CMC (Methyl Cellulose) paste or Silk Paper Medium. This Newclay Dragon was made by 11 year old Liam Farlow […]

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