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Making a Polymer Clay Cane Using an Extruder

Method You can use the Makin’s extruder to create consistently sized and shaped polymer clay ‘logs’ for making canes to decorate beads etc (see how to use the extruder from our page Using an Extruder with Polymer Clay). For this cane, three colours of clay and two disc shapes were chosen. The red clay was […]

Gedeo Siligum for Making Silicone Moulds

Gedeo Siligum Mould Paste is a fast setting 2 part silicone moulding paste for moulding small objects with resin, polymer clay or Art Clay Silver clay. The silicone mould is smooth and flexible and can be used for over 50 casts. It is fast setting (5-10 minutes) and will replicate the smallest detail. The silicone […]

The Pocket Color Wheel – a guide to mixing colour

The Pocket Color Wheel (yes color – it is made in the U.S.A.) is an essential tool for learning all about colour. The wheel consists of three cardboard discs which are joined in the centre. The middle wheel has the 12 main colours positioned equally around the edge while the discs either side have holes […]

Silver Earrings made from Art Clay Silver clay

These silver earrings were made from Art Clay Silver clay. They are a simple project for anyone who has never used this precious metal clay. I used just 10g (5g for each earring) which I divided into two pieces. Digital scales are useful for weighing into equal sizes. To make the shape, I rolled each […]

Makin’s No-Bake Polymer Clay

MAKINS CLAY HAS NOW BEEN DISCONTINUED BY GEORGE WEIL, we recommend DAS air drying clay as an alternative. Makin’s Clay has been formulated as an air-dry polymer clay and the ‘safe non-toxic’ message on the box makes it ideal for children (over 3 years old) to use. According to these instructions inside the box, Makin’s […]

Polymer Clay Cake Toppers

We often send out regular orders to our customers, but our curiosity was piqued when we began to receive an order every Tuesday for polymer clay from customer Cheryl Locke. Julie (who is an important member of our sales team here, and will often answer your calls) decided to investigate Chery’s email address which included […]

Armatures for Model Making

Armatures and wire

An armature is the framework or skeleton used as the base when making models of figures or animals. A good starting point for a model is a scale sketch or marquette. Once the design has been established, the ‘skeleton’ can be added to a full size sketch. This will help determine the size of the armature […]

Bead Making with Polymer Clay, An Overview

Bead makers will delight in the versatility of polymer clays and the speed at which the beads can be crafted. This simple necklace (right) was crafted in less than an hour. A black polymer clay was loosely mixed with a pearlised polymer clay and then rolled into a log. The cane was divided into 9 […]

Rolling Bicone Beads from Polymer Clay

with Sue Heaser Bead making is such as satisfying pastime. Working with different combinations of polymer clay and various techniques, you can create your own unique beads. Bicone beads are almost magical to make and only need a little practice to get them perfect. You will need the following tools and materials; polymer clay in […]

Decorated Polymer Clay Bicone Beads

with Sue Heaser Decorating a polymer clay bicone shaped bead with self-made canes, adds to the diversity of bead making techniques. Cane slices give bicone beads a wonderful central swirl to the bead. You will need the following tools and materials; a spiral cane (see here for how to make a spiral cane), polymer clay […]

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