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Handmade Cotton Paper with Natural Dyestuff Inclusions

Handmade Recycled Paper

These highly textured, robust papers were made using cotton linters on an A6 Mould and Deckle, (a 250g pack will make approximately 50 A6 sheets). Linters contain partially beaten cotton fibres which are formed into dry sheets that resemble blotting paper. Natural dyes were added to the pulp bath to add texture and interest. Simply prepare […]

Mixed Media Collage


Woven Silk Fibres A further variation on the silk papermaking method. Ruth Edwards has taken lengths of dyed and undyed silk fibres and woven them prior to applying the CMC paste. Silk Sea This design, by Alison Bate, has been created using hand-dyed silk fibres and CMC paste by following the silk papermaking method. Other […]

Handmade Paper Gift Bag from Sloshy Lokta Paper


The Sloshy Lokta paper used for this paper bag is handmade in Nepal. It is a light-weight natural lokta based paper that has different coloured pulps sloshed over its surface, leaving a trail of intermingled colours. The potential for stitch, book covers and card craft is unlimited. These lovely little bags are so easy to make! […]

Handmade Christmas Crackers

How to make Christmas Crackers

Some of the papers used to make these lovely Christmas Crackers are no longer available from this web site but there are alternative papers that will work equally well. The contrasting papers used to decorate the body of the crackers are from the Mulberry range and the ends have been secured using paper yarns. Any […]

Handmade Books by Jan Fairbairn-Edwards

Handmade books

Handmade books made by Jan Fairbairn-Edwards, using Lokta papers and handmade, dyed bamboo paper using Deka L dyes in red, old gold and black. The covers are made from Suede Lokta paper. Handmade Lokta paper is available in a large selection of colours and finishes. Lokta colours and Lokta Sloshy shown below

Armatures for Model Making

Armatures and wire

An armature is the framework or skeleton used as the base when making models of figures or animals. A good starting point for a model is a scale sketch or marquette. Once the design has been established, the ‘skeleton’ can be added to a full size sketch. This will help determine the size of the armature […]

Silk Paper Experimentation


Have a go at this satisfying and effective method of creating highly textured, handmade paper from fibres (the silk papermaking or silk fusion technique). Here are just a few examples of what you can achieve. These examples use silk fibres, skeleton leaves, strips of paper, and scrim. The technique, which is similar to paper-mache, can […]

Foamboard Christmas Decorations

Foamboard Christmas decoration

How’s this for a great Christmas decoration idea? Our giant snowflakes have been designed and made by our resident artist Philippa Cousins from foamboard. What is it? Foamboard is made from a sheet of CFC free polystyrene sandwiched between two sheets of smooth acid free paper to form a strong, lightweight and rigid board with […]

Unique and Beautiful – a Valentine Card to Keep


These lovely cards have been hand crafted in coloured Lokta paper which is a medium weight, textured paper with a soft handle. The pale pink heart is cut-out from silk rag paper and the smaller hearts are made from silk paper made using hand-dyed silk fibres and CMC paste. Learn more about making silk paper […]

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