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Rug Yarn for Weaving

You may not have come across this product on our website as we recommend a sample card or a visit to the showroom to help you with your choice. The colours are generally non-repeatable but we do hold reasonably large volumes in stock, we therefore suggest enough yarn is ordered so that you can complete […]

Paper Yarn

We were really excited to see the latest cover of The Journal magazine. Belinda Rose’s colourful and innovative three dimensional weavings shows the versatility of these paper yarns. Allison took this image (below) of the George Weil corded paper yarns in 2005. It shows how the ends have been untwisted. In this cover image featuring […]

Iron Age Tools at The British Museum

Evidence that wool has been used for clothing exists at The British Museum as far back as the Iron Age (800 BC – AD 50). There are a selection of combs carved from animal bone probably used to prepare the fibres and stone whorls which were used to weight the hand spindle. The wooden tools […]

Book Spotlight: Tapestry Weaving

Kirsten Glasbrook‘s colourful and exciting book ‘Tapestry Weaving’ will appeal to all lovers of colour and texture. The various techniques of tapestry weaving are explored through Kirsten’s evocative designs. The step-by-step guidance and detailed photographs teach the weaver many techniques. How to create motifs, borders, and shading, as well as finishing techniques such as tassels […]

Jewellery Making & Braiding with a Lucet

An elaborate necklace, created using the advanced luceting technique. The beautiful technique was developed by Ziggy Rytka. The beads were added to the necklace during the process of making the cord. The technique of luceting has been used for centuries, from the Vikings to the Victorians, to produce square sectioned cord. These strong cords were […]

Craft Ideas for Half Term

With half term and school holidays looming, we’d like to offer you a number of craft ideas for keeping the children occupied and for encouraging their creativity. Tapestry Weaving You will need a tapestry frame or an old picture frame, a selection of yarns (these can include strips of fabric, plastic bags or ribbons, our […]

Decorative woven straps, bands & belts

Tablet Weaving Tablet weaving is an ancient technique for weaving decorative bands of cloth for use as belts or straps. The equipment takes up only a limited amount of space and provides a surprising diversity in patterning, depending on the technique and the colour and texture of the yarns used. Shelagh Lewins’ page about how […]

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